Daniel Dorsch

Intervention #03 pi14537. Romantische Maschinen

Intervention #03 Kulturraum-Zwinglikirche

pi14537. Romantic Machines https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEnAYTdsSFw&t=5s Interventions is an event series conceived by Berlin music label “Fortschritt Musik”. Pi14527 is an electronically controlled piano soundbox. Pi4527 and its software was developed by Thomas Kürstner and Kay Sievers. Dystopian visions of the future, generated by the possibilities of machine-based algorithms – aka Artificial Intelligence – dominate the headlines of the papers at the moment. They have replaced the promises of happiness of The Machine Age. INTERVENTION #03 offers, in contrast to the gloom of those predictions, a poetic alternative. Intervention #03 consists of pieces of music specially composed for a unique instrument and space by Sebastian Vogel and Thomas Kürstner, as well as Daniel Dorsch, Mattef Kuhlmey and Konrad Hempel. Apart from the electric fortepiano, the sounds of the Zwinglikirche church organ and a multi-channel sound system will fill the air. Accompanying video art is by Claudia Lehmann and Jenny Schily. Guest performances are by Samuel Wagner (organ), Paul Brody (trumpet) and others.