Daniel Dorsch

electronic music

Daniel Dorsch · electronic music

The music if Daniel Dorsch is rooted in post wall Berlin when electronic music clubs were springing up from the ground like mushrooms, with vintage drum machines, synthesizers, and turntables pumping out beats and ambient sounds till early morning. Since those days,  Dorsch has traveled the world with various projects -composing with live electronics projects  from Japan to Jordan to Switzerland; creating ambient sound design for the Lyon Opera, as well as performing with bands like the Madonna HipHop Massaker, Recorder, Herr Blum, ALP.  
Dorsch’s new show, embodying his alter ego, Mr. π, brings back the early analogue machines and beats and combines them with his world of experience. 

Mr π incorporates sound samples from his world travels and puts them into a unique musical universe: waves of the Nil River, wind of the Sahara Desert, bells of the ancient Catholic Church in Tunisia, trains scratching to a halt in the junkyards of Berlin and blends them with his self made beats and bass lines. Always a dream, always a dance. Mr. π. 

Photo Mareike Trillhaas