Daniel Dorsch


Daniel Dorsch is a Berlin-based sound artist, composer and inventor.
His long musical history has taken him through popular music as well as contemporary theater and dance. He is currently performing live electronics with David Marton´s experimental music/theater group in a production of Bellini´s opera La Sonnambula at Munich Kammerspiele and working an a new production of Don Giovanni with Marton at the Opera de Lyon.

The Ele Meta Phone was developed by Dorsch for immersive sound installation events and has been shown at a number of festivals and in different ensembel settings. The electro-acoustical instrument uses both percussive sounds and electronically processed sounds to create a unique environmental sound. The flexible placement of of the instrument lends itself to Cage-like experiments in a variety of settings. Along with controlling the hammers hitting the motel rods. Dorsch also composes and improvises with the computer-generated electronic signal.

Currently the Ele-Meta-Phone is featured in the Munich Kammerspiele´s production of Jack Kerouac´s novel On the Road. Because of the instrument´s ambient and percussive qualities, it works well with spoken text and traditional instruments. Dorsch is still developing and experimenting with possibilities for the Ele-Meta-Phone.

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